Studies in Comparative and National Law Impact of Coronavirus Emergency - Special Issue 2020

Section 1
Law of Obligations and Contract
Cristina Amato, Rodrigo Momberg Uribe

Section 2
Domenico Amirante, Barbara Pozzo

Section 3
Tax law
Domingo Jesus Jiménez-Valladolid De L’Hotellerie-Fallois



From the Black swan, to the Snowball. Risks of Covid-19 pandemic for consumer credit scores in the lack of a harmonized regulatory intervention

Authors: Antonio Davola

The impact of Covid-19 crisis on the French law of contract

Authors: Olivier Deshayes

Instant paper for Senegal

Authors: Komlavi Agbam

Corona and Dutch Contract Law

Authors: Harriet N. Schelhaas

Law of Contracts in Times of Covid-19 Pandemic: Polish Report

Authors: Radosław Strugała

Relevance of Contract Law Solutions Under a Pandemic

Authors: Reza Moradinejad

Impact of Covid-19 pandemic on contractual relationships: the case of Estonia

Authors: Karin Sein-Kai Härmand

The Impact of Covid-19 in Chilean Contract Law

Authors: Rodrigo Momberg Uribe, Alberto Pino Emhart

The Impact of the Health Emergency on Contract Law: National Report Peru

Authors: Daniel Ugarte Mostajo, Raúl F. Zúñiga

An overview of the colombian contract law, in times of the Covid-19 pandemic

Authors: Isué Natalia Vargas Brand

The Impact of Covid-19 in German Contract Law

Authors: Christian Johannes Wahnschaffe

Covid-19 pandemic and Greek Contract Law

Authors: Zafeirios N. Tsolakidis

The Impact of Covid-19 in Mexican Contract Law

Authors: Edgardo Muñoz, Romina Guarneros

COVID-19 And the Environment: Worries For Today, Lessons For the Future

Authors: Domenico Amirante

Climate and environmental approaches in the United States and Canada at the outbreak of the 2020 pandemic

Authors: Pasquale Viola

The Covid-19 Outbreak in the UK. The Impact of Public Health Security on Environmental Protection

Authors: Carmine Petteruti

La pandémie de Covid-19, la crise écologique et la “transition verte” : les expériences de la France et de la Belgique

Authors: Luigi Colella

The Estado ambiental de derecho under the 'state of siege': COVID-19 and Spanish environmental law

Authors: Enrico Buono

Indigenous Peoples’ Rights and COVID-19 In the Amazon: A Comparative Analysis Between Brazil and Perù

Authors: Thiago Burckhart

Environment And Economics: the Ethics of Emergency in India and Brazil

Authors: Maria Sarah Bussi

Silver Lining or Red Herring – The Impact of COVID-19 on Vietnam’s Air Quality

Authors: Nguyễn Tiến Đức*, Bùi Đức Hiển

The Fallout of COVID-19 on Environmental Law in the Middle East and North Africa

Authors: Zainab Lokhandwala

Os riscos dos retrocessos ambientais em Portugal e Angola em tempos de pandemia da Covid-19

Authors: Maralice Cunha Verciano

Tax Measures Adopted Due to the COVID-19 Emergency. A General Overview

Authors: Domingo Jesús Jiménez-Valladolid De L’Hotellerie- Fallois

Canada and Covid-19: Canadian Tax Measures Adopted in Response to the COVID-19 Crisis

Authors: Khashayar Haghgouyan

Tax measures and CoViD: Argentina

Authors: Mirna Solange Screpante, Nicolas Rubiolo

National Tax Measures Adopted in Brazil in response to Covid-19 Pandemic Crisis

Authors: Marciano Seabra de Godoi, Fernanda de Oliveira Silveira

Tax measures implemented in Colombia during the health and economic emergency triggered by COVID-19

Authors: Cristian Camilo Rodríguez Peña, Omar Sebastián Cabrera Cabrera

National Tax Measures Adopted in Response to COVID-19 Crisis: Uruguay

Authors: Andrea Laura Riccardi Sacchi

Taxation and COVID-19: Spanish Report

Authors: F.D. Martínez Laguna

Fiscal Measures to Counteract the Economic Consequences Of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Germany

Authors: Maximilian von Jähnichen

Tax Reactions to the SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19 Pandemic in Portugal

Authors: João Félix Pinto Nogueira