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Instant paper for Senegal

Komlavi Agbam ABSTRACT Table of contents I. Overall Framework: New code of civil and commercial obligations 1. The Externality 2. The unpredictability 3. The insurmountability II. Specific framework III. Some cases that can be invoked in Senegalese Law FULL TEXT: PDF REFBACKS There are currently no refbacks.    

Law of Contracts in Times of Covid-19 Pandemic: Polish Report

Radosław Strugała ABSTARCT As the world struggles with the Covid-19 pandemic, the debtors try to perform their contractual obligations despite the hardship it brings about. In the meantime contract lawyers are focused on trying and finding remedies that would help face the new circumstances. The remedies that enable the parties either to modify the contract […]

Relevance of Contract Law Solutions Under a Pandemic

Reza Moradinejad   ABSTRACT Table of contents 1. Force Majeure: A Plausible Solution 1.1. Characteristics of Force Majeure 1.2. Effects of Force Majeure 2. Revision of Contract for Imprévision: An Impossible Solution 2.1. Imprévision under the Civil Code of Lower Canada 2.2. Evolution of Quebec Contract Law: More Place for Equity 2.3. Civil Law Reform […]

Impact of Covid-19 pandemic on contractual relationships: the case of Estonia

Karin Sein-Kai Härmand   ABSTRACT Table of contents 1. General contract law rules: restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic as force majeure 2. Adaptation or termination of contracts due to Covid-19 pandemic under the doctrine of change of circumstances 3. Regulatory allocation of risks for specific contract types 4. New regulatory provisions due to the […]

The Impact of Covid-19 in Chilean Contract Law

Rodrigo Momberg Uribe, Alberto Pino Emhart ABSTRACT Table of contents I. Introduction II. Administrative regulations enacted to deal with the crisis 1. Consumer contracts and SERNAC’s directives 2. Consumer credits and CMF’s directives 3. Construction contracts with the State 4. CGR and contracts with the State. Dictamen No. 6854-20 5. Chile Compra and contracts with […]

The Impact of the Health Emergency on Contract Law: National Report Peru

Daniel Ugarte Mostajo, Raúl F. Zúñiga ABSTRACT Table of contents I. Peruvian contract law provisions dealing with circumstances interfering with contractual performance 1. General framework 2. Impossibility of performance due to unforeseen circumstances or force majeure 3. Excessive onerousness of the performance or hardship 4. The disputed application of the frustration of purpose II. Application […]