Os riscos dos retrocessos ambientais em Portugal e Angola em tempos de pandemia da Covid-19

Authors: Maralice Cunha Verciano


The article aims to analyze how the legislation created to face the Covid-19 pandemic in Portugal and Angola could promote environmental setbacks, to the extent that the promulgation of some legal diplomas puts at risk efforts to build a thinking aimed at sustainable development, observing the constitutional texts of those countries, which provide rights and duties for the preservation of a healthy and balanced environment. Therefore, the provisions of the legal systems analyzed will be Decree-Law no. 62- A/2020 and Presidential Decree 117/20 in force in Portugal and Angola res- pectively, in attention to the Portuguese Constitution of 1976 and the Angolan Constitution of 2010.

Keywords: Pandemia Covid-19 - Constitutional Environmental Law in Portugal and Angola, Legislative De- cree 62-A/2020 - Presidential Decree 117/20 - Environmental setback