Environment And Economics: the Ethics of Emergency in India and Brazil

Authors: Maria Sarah Bussi


The paper analyses the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on environmental policies from the perspective of two BRICS countries, namely India and Brazil. The study of those legal systems becomes relevant in order to investigate the relationship between environment and economy in the post-modern era, especially evident in countries that in the past years have had an important growth of GDP. At the same time, the particular sensibility shown by them both at constitutional and international level for environmental values, consecrated in their charters of rights and in their commitments to cooperate for the sustainable development, makes clear the twisting of some principles of the neo-liberal scenario that is occurring during the health emergency. The concept of sustainability, as argued, probably needs to be reconsidered in light of recent events at a global scale, abandoning universalising tendencies.

Keywords: Covid-19 Pandemic, Environmental Law, BRICS countries, Transformative constitutionalism, Sustainable Development