PRE-PRINT: Opinio Juris In Comparatione, Vol. I, N. 1, 2021



From the Black swan, to the Snowball. Risks of Covid-19 pandemic for consumer credit scores in the lack of a harmonized regulatory intervention

Authors: Antonio Davola

Instant paper for Senegal

Authors: Komlavi Agbam

Law of Contracts in Times of Covid-19 Pandemic: Polish Report

Authors: Radosław Strugała

Relevance of Contract Law Solutions Under a Pandemic

Authors: Reza Moradinejad

Impact of Covid-19 pandemic on contractual relationships: the case of Estonia

Authors: Karin Sein-Kai Härmand

The Impact of Covid-19 in Chilean Contract Law

Authors: Rodrigo Momberg Uribe, Alberto Pino Emhart

The Impact of the Health Emergency on Contract Law: National Report Peru

Authors: Daniel Ugarte Mostajo, Raúl F. Zúñiga

An overview of the colombian contract law, in times of the Covid-19 pandemic

Authors: Isué Natalia Vargas Brand

The Impact of Covid-19 in Mexican Contract Law

Authors: Edgardo Muñoz, Romina Guarneros

Environmental Law in the Middle East and North Africa

Authors: Zainab Lokhandwala

Climate and environmental approaches in the United States and Canada at the outbreak of the 2020 pandemic

Authors: Pasquale Viola

The impact of Covid-19 crisis on the French law of contract

Authors: Olivier Deshayes

The Impact of Covid-19 in German Contract Law

Authors: Christian Johannes Wahnschaffe

Covid-19 pandemic and Greek Contract Law

Authors: Zafeirios N. Tsolakidis