COVID-19 And the Environment: Worries For Today, Lessons For the Future

Authors: Domenico Amirante


The essay highlights the multi- and inter-disciplinary approaches to COVID-19 pandemic through the lens of the environmental law debate. Firstly, the study addresses environmental and human interconnections, recalling the most advanced and authoritative scientific assessments. In the fol- lowing parts the environmental law principles are discussed, focusing on prevention and precau- tion, with the aim of proposing some key-questions related to several critical areas: 1) impact of lockdowns on GhG emissions, 2) extraordinary measures on future environmental legislations, 3) constitutional values/fundamental rights, 4) common shared environmental principles and 5) new forms of bottom-up participation (e.g. digital activism).

Keywords: Covid-19 Pandemic, Environmental Law, Precautionary Principle, Principle of Preventive Action