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Opinio Juris in Comparatione Vol. I, n.1, 2016 is online


We are pleased to announce the publication of new Issue of Opinio Juris in Comparatione Vol. I, n. 1, 2016

Opinio Juris in Comparatione is an electronic full Open Access Journal devoted to “Studies in Comparative and National Law”. It aims at enhancing the dialogue among all legal traditions in a broad sense. The intent of diffusing contributions on national law, as well and not only to focus on comparative issues, is to expand access to foreign legal materials and ideas to those who do not already have access to the traditional avenues (such as journals in the language of the explored legal system).

For more information, please visit our website www.opiniojurisincomparatione.org.

Posted: 2016-12-23
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Opinio Juris in Comparatione, Vol. I, n. I, 2016

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Elisabetta Mazzilli, Verònica San Juliàn Puig
Caterina Sganga


Denise Amram, Giovanni Comandé
Andrea Borroni, Ilenia Sala

News and book reviews

Dante Figueroa

Selected Conference Proceedings

Denise Amram, Giovanni Comandé, Benedetta Guidi, Luca Nocco