Antonello Miranda


Short bio:

Full Professor of Comparative Law and European Law; Deputy Rector for the International Relations with Political and Diplomatic Institutions; Chairman of the International Relations Committee – Univ. of Palermo
Fellows of The Society of Advanced Legal Studies – Univ. of London; Member of the Board of External Examiner of the SOAS – University of London; Member of the Board of External Examiner of the BPP University College London. He is the author of more than 70 published studies and books, most of them in English, on specific subjects of private comparative law directed to a comparison with the English and common law experience and, recently, of a treaty in English on “The Italian Legal System”.


Associate Member of the International Society of Comparative Law, Fellow of the Society for Advanced Legal Studies of the University of London, Member of the International Society of Family Law, General Secretary of the Italian Association of Comparative Law (AIDC), Honorary Consul of Estonia (Sicily, Italy) (2018), Chairman of the Institute of African Studies (I.S.A.I.A.S.) (2019), Honorary Judge (1998) and Avvocato (2002), Mediator (2009), Tourists’ Ombudsman of the “Commercial Chamber of Palermo” (2006)

Research Area:

private comparative law : property and land law, family law, succession, contract, torts, right of information, human rights, European Substantive Law, Human Trafficking, Competition Law, Consumer Protection, Compliance, Mediation, Italian Legal System.

Geographical Area:

England, Australia, USA, Japan, Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa