The Role of Biomechanics in Personal Injury Compensation: First Research Outcomes from AreYouFine?

Authors: Denise Amram, Giovanni Comandé, Benedetta Guidi, Luca Nocco


The main objective of the AREYOUFINE? Erasmus+ project is to offer an innovative e-learning course focused on biomechanical analysis in order to improve personal injury assessment in the context of the different legal conditions within the EU. Taking into account requirements for professional practice, the Strategic Partnership proposes new harmonization contents and validates them for EU countries in order to fill the gap between the theoretical insights offered by biomechanical analysis and their application in Europe.

On July 12th 2016, the first Multiplier Event of the Project took place in Pisa (Italy), at Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, where the first outcomes of the project have been introduced through three sessions including individual panels, poster presentations, and a roundtable. A fruitful interdisciplinary dialogue between forensic scientists, lawyers, scholars, and engineers has been established.

Keywords: Persona Injury - Biomechanics - Bodily Harm Assessment