Right for Conciliation and Family Welfare

Authors: Alessandra Pera, Marina Nicolosi


By enhancing some of the solutions proposed in a previous study on female work and family needs, the essay focuses on the role of family as a privileged forum to reconcile family plans and professional careers.
The research aims at proposing a convergence of social family policies (macro-choice) and the choices shared among individual family members (micro-choice).

The article, therefore, examines the policies carried out by some European states to support families and the different models of social support to the family in Europe, including the one that has recently inspired the Job’s act in Italy.
Through a (re) reading of some constitutional principles on the family social factor and an analysis on the way to intend subsidiarity, in view of the enhancement of the right to conciliation, the authors also propose a regulatory model that, summing up the already existing sectoral legislation in favor of the family in a systematic way, introduces new “reconciliation measures”, some of which may be proposed directly to businesses for their implementation as virtuous models to adopt spontaneously.

Keywords: family welfare - right to conciliation - constitutional relevance of the family - social policies – subsidiarity - local autonomy