The Impact of Covid-19 in Mexican Contract Law

Edgardo Muñoz, Romina Guarneros



Table of contents
I. Introduction
II. Administrative regulations enacted and private stakeholders’ initiatives to encourage
or force contract performance in times of Covid-19
2.1. The main Federal Directive by the Federal Health Secretariat
2.2. Real estate and business loan contracts with banks
2.3. Housing and business lease agreements
2.4. Medical and Unemployment Insurance Agreements
2.5. Domestic service contracts
III. General Contract Law
3.1. C2C domestic contracts and impediments to perform
3.2. B2B domestic contracts and impediments to perform
3.3. B2C domestic contracts and impediments to perform
3.4. International Sale of Good Contract (CISG) and impediments to perform
IV. Conclusion
V. References



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